Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Autumn Mini book

I've finally printed and added some photos to my Autumn mini book that I made at Scrap Angels a few weeks ago!!

 Autumn always has opportunities for gorgeous photos - I love the vibrant colours and the stunning effects of the last show of sun. I am so lucky to live near to some fabulous walks and amazing scenery :)
Front cover
The front and back covers are shakers!!
Back cover

Page 1 with room for journalling

 Page 2 pumkins at Bissoe - I picked the one on the far right just above the 'U'!

 I have combined the photos of the pumpkins with some of my favourites from my walks this year to show off the gorgeousness of autumn in Cornwall.
 One of my fav photos of the leaves on the ground at Tehidy Woods
 The absolutely stunning Golitha Falls on Bodmin moor
Some more pumpkins at Bissoe - perfect for photoraphing!!

 Tree stump by the river at Golitha
I have not bought a pumpkin for a few years (always been working!) so I was very impressed by the way the lady at Bissoe had decorated the farm trailer.
The letters in the bottom right hand corner of each page spell Autumn!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Crimbo Poem

At our Inner Wheel meeting last night it was decided (by some members) that we would do "A Turn" at the Christmas Party next month...so I have written a little poem this morning and thought I would share it :-D

Christmas Time                 by Karen Taylor, 2011

Creeping quietly up the stairs
With sacks so cunningly hidden
Sneaking into bedrooms
Seeing faces so peaceful and calm.                                         

Waking in the early hours
To shrieks “he’s been, he’s been!”
Hearing the ripping and tearing
And no I don’t need an alarm!

Hearing footsteps running down the hall
“Mummy, daddy, look, look!”
A small child in pyjamas is jumping on your bed
Showing you the presents that the list they’d sent had said.

A tentative step, a careful peep
Has the reindeer eaten that carrot?
Did Father Christmas really get down that chimney?
Ho! Ho! He is such a very clever chap.

The lights on the tree are twinkling and sparkling
The last of the chocolate for advent all gone.
Has he had his glass of sherry?
Oh I didn't remember to finish that!

Your work is nearly finished
The magic is all done
Is it time to put the turkey on?

Another year, another day
It’s Christmas time hooray! hooray!!

Catch up!!

Here are a couple of scrapbook pages I have finished recently. I have not been very good at keeping up to date with the blog so here is a catch up!

This was our hotel in Tenerife
I took a photo of the hotel name and used it as an embellishment

I also took a photo of the floor number by the lift and this time I used it in the title

I dropped a peice of card onto my page before the ink was dry and it smudged :(

So I used a flower to cover it up !!!

Sorry this is out of focus!  It reads " I booked a room on a high floor thinking it would be nice to have a good view and it would be quieter but I didn't realise that the other two didn't do heights!!"

When we arrived at the hotel, after the taxi journey from hell (we all swear we time travelled!) the receptionist said 'You're on the  14th floor - nice view!) to which Karen and Elaine both went 'what?'
For the first few days neither of them would go to edge of the balcony they just skitted across the back like crabs!!
But by the time we left Karen was at the edge even if she wouldn't look down! LOL
        *                *                *               *             *                

And this one is another page in the Tenerife album. I did this for a weekly challenge on UKScrappers. The challenge was to use something we had printed (the ticket), something that was free ( the strips of paper were the cover sheet to a paper pack!) and 10 embellishments - for the 10th month. I have 6 brads, 3 buttons and a flower :D
The photo is the hotel taken from the pool bar looking up! I loved the way it seems to rise out of the palm trees and, of course, the lovely blue sky helped make it a nice picture :)