Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Crimbo Poem

At our Inner Wheel meeting last night it was decided (by some members) that we would do "A Turn" at the Christmas Party next I have written a little poem this morning and thought I would share it :-D

Christmas Time                 by Karen Taylor, 2011

Creeping quietly up the stairs
With sacks so cunningly hidden
Sneaking into bedrooms
Seeing faces so peaceful and calm.                                         

Waking in the early hours
To shrieks “he’s been, he’s been!”
Hearing the ripping and tearing
And no I don’t need an alarm!

Hearing footsteps running down the hall
“Mummy, daddy, look, look!”
A small child in pyjamas is jumping on your bed
Showing you the presents that the list they’d sent had said.

A tentative step, a careful peep
Has the reindeer eaten that carrot?
Did Father Christmas really get down that chimney?
Ho! Ho! He is such a very clever chap.

The lights on the tree are twinkling and sparkling
The last of the chocolate for advent all gone.
Has he had his glass of sherry?
Oh I didn't remember to finish that!

Your work is nearly finished
The magic is all done
Is it time to put the turkey on?

Another year, another day
It’s Christmas time hooray! hooray!!


  1. Cute poem, well done. We have a poet amongst us!

  2. Wow Karen! Did you really wrote this? It's very good.
    Sue x

  3. That is really very good Karen, you should definitely pursue this...maybe some to go with your fab photos?

    I love that it takes you to a moment of christmas, the magic bit and then leads you on to thinking about how you feel as a Mum when that magic bit has just passed and you think about the dinner!!