Sunday, 4 December 2011

Not James Taylor!!

This is my scrapbook page done for this week's challenge on UK Scrappers,

The challenge was to scrap yourself or a family member and something about how they were given their name. Were they named after an ancestor or someone famous?

James shares his name with James Taylor, the singer/musician but he was not named after him. We chose the name James without realising that everyone would think we were James Taylor fans. 

When I Googled James Taylor to get a photo I found that this one on his album cover bore a remarkable resemblance to a photo I had taken of my James in New York last week!


The journalling reads :
Contrary to popular opinion, James, you were not actually named after the famous musician of the same name.
Before you were born we were positive we were going to call you Oliver. Until the day you were born, that is, when we both admitted we didn't think Oliver suited you and we settled on James. It wasn't until people started asking if we were James Taylor fans that we realised what we had done!
23 years later and people still ask if you were named after him! As this picture, taken in New York 23rd November 2011 (your grandmother's birthdate) shows, you definitely have something in common - good looks, a black overcoat and Burberry scarves!!


  1. That is a great story, I love it when a layout really comes together :)

    He is a handsome chap as well, you must have been very proud to have been out and about with him :)

  2. Crumbs Karen! How long have I known you? And that one of your sons is called James? And I never put two and two together. Der!
    Sue x