Saturday, 10 March 2012

10 things I loved about the Bijoux Belles Retreat

1. Meeting some of the Bijoux Belles for the first time F2F even though I have talked to them all online for nearly a year
2. Spending 6 1/2 days non-stop scrapbooking  :)
3. The gorgeous 'quirkyness' of Dartmouth House, where we stayed
4. Making a Tim Holtz style configuration box from scratch (class by Linda Ellbourne)
5. Loads of yummy homemade cakes
6. Pancakes with homemade lemon ice cream for breakfast on Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday!!)
7. Salt, lemon and lime time ( a glass of wine!)
8. A cream tea for breakfast on Friday morning just before the long drive home :(
9. Pretty Olney town
10. Did I mention meeting my fab friends and having an absolutely fab time? LOL

Roll on March 2013 for the Bijoux Belles Retreat No 4 :)


  1. Loving your 10 on the 10th - I had a great time, too, Karen.
    Sue x

  2. Love it - can't believe I missed the cream tea for breakfast. :(