Wednesday, 3 August 2011

More 'Explore' - End of Week 2 !!

Today I completed my project for the end of week 2!!

Scrapbook page - Lunch Date

I used a bit of creative license and put together photos from 2 different years!! (I know shock, horror  :D) The bottom photo is my 'lunch date' with my 3 sons at The Eldridge in Downtown Lawrence on James' 21st birthday while the other 2 were taken last year from the doorway of The Eldridge, so they do really go together. I also used an old photo of newspaper boxes to make embellishments. I've been wondering how to bring these into a page or a while - I love their bright colours and they are so American. I also made a tag from a map of Kansas.

Oh and the middle 'street' photo is inked round the edges and mounted on foam pads to make it stand out from the other 2.

I messed up the writing on the journalling so I had to cover it up with a sticker!! But it's not too bad and hopefully no-one will notice :D

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  1. Lovely layout! The design is fabulous and the colors look great!