Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Album through the Year - August

Here is my double page for August.
The photos are all of Falmouth this month - I had a lovely day there, just wandering around....and .........there's now a KFC on The Moor, so of course I had to stop there for a Toasted Twister Meal - yummy!!!

L-R - Pendennis Castle, Falmouth Maritime Museum and The Moor 
These are the two pages..

I used a Scrap Angels kit  :)

Then there are more photos underneath on the LH page

Close-ups of the photos

And this is the shaker detail on the bottom of the RH side

I have always loved Falmouth - I love the closeness of the sea but in a different way to being on the beach. It is always busy with sailboats and big ships -
These guys were painting the side ....

of this ship.....

with rollers !!!!!!

 And I loved the shadow of this crane on the side of this big ship:-)


  1. Awww Karen I used to work for P&O and we had happy happy times at dry dock in Falmouth. I got to walk underneath my big ginormous ship that spent the rest of the year looking after me bobbing across the channel and back. :)

  2. I love the ship painting photos. :)