Sunday, 11 September 2011

September 11th

I just wanted to write something today. I dont know what really and the sad thing is I only have a vague memory of the events 10 years ago. I remembering hearing the news on the radio and turning on the TV. I saw the film footage of the second plane hit the 2nd tower. 

We could not believe what was happening :)

I've just talked to my son on the phone, he was 12 ( a month off 13) at the time and still has vivid memories of the events of that dreadful day. He remembers that we were living at Goonhavern and he was home from school, playing on his new playstation. He remembers coming down stairs and watching the news as it unfurled.

My thoughts are with the families of everyone who was killed, injured or affected by the tragedy. Almost 3 thousand people lost their lives. A very, very sad day.

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  1. It is horrendous isn't it. Louis had just turned 1 and was napping when it happened, I just happened to have the tv on and it came on. I saw the second tower get hit and I just could not believe my eyes. I was transfixed by it and the horror. I watched the rebuilding series today and that helped me to feel more positive.