Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sunset at Clinton Lake

I finally managed ( after several failed attempts) to get some sunset photos. Nick drove me to the dam at Clinton Lake where I managed to get a few shots of the setting sun over the lake.

Then we drove round into the park and found these fellows completely unfazed by our presence!!!

The park was quite pretty too although it was getting dark and a little cold.

When we were driving there we were following this guy who had hay bales on a trailer but they were not tied on properly and the hay was coming off in great clumps and going all over the road !!! :-)


  1. I always have time to spare to see your photos Karen and how lovely it is that you have had time for this hobby you love and are so good at. I love those sunset ones especially :) xxx

  2. super sunset shots Karent and it looks lovely there. I love the photo of the hay lorry too.

  3. Such fab photos, Karen, especially the sunset.
    Sue x