Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dinner at The American Restaurant

Wow was I lucky girl! On 21 November Will and Taryn treated me to dinner at the American Restaurant in Kansas City.

James and Nick came too. James and Will modelled their new shirts from Turkey!!

The menu had my name at the top!

and the wine list was on an iPad left on the table -
so cool!

The food was 'out of this world!'

 The presentation was stunning ~ as was the service ! All the food was brought out by a team of waiters and waitresses so everyone got their food at exactly the same time!
My snickerdoodle dessert complete with foam !

 At 8pm (I think) they tested the city Christmas lights in the plaza below the restaurant in preparation for the official 'switch on' by the mayor of Kansas City on Friday.

Even after the Christmas lights went off it still looked pretty outside.
Stunning floral display at the entrance.

And .....

James had left his lights on...

Luckily Taryn had met us there so we had two cars and James had the jump leads in the boot ~ problem solved ~ phew!!

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  1. Super duper story Karen and how fab to see a blog post from you :) xxx