Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nick got there !!!!!!!!!

Here is my youngest son's graduation fcrom High School in America, where he lives :)
In the picture are (L - R ) William (brother), James (brother) Nick, Della (Step-grandma) Jeremy (dad)

It was a bit 'touch and go' earlier this year as Nick was not handing work in and not getting the grades he needed !! :(
BUT .. he pulled it out of the bag at the last minute (" see, I told you, mum, it would be OK!!")  Typical boy !!!!!!!!!!!
As you can see .. William dressed up for the occasion !! (Obviously gets his dress sense from his father :lol:)


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  1. Oh well done Nick, how boy-like a way to do it! xx Proud Mummy Moment:)

  2. Well done to Nick, I'm sure you're very proud Karen:)

  3. Good lad! A credit to a proud mum. :o)
    Sue x