Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Proud Mummy Moment !

Not really scrap related and a few days late but hey! ho! ...

When I arrived in Kansas last Tuesday a very proud Will announced that he had won 'The Best of Lawrence's' Best Server Award. He has been voted for by his customers and beaten all the competition in a very restaurant heavy city.

Actually he was being quite blase about it but I think he was quite chuffed :)

Will's dad has a radio show on a Saturday morning called 'About the house' (he's a real estate agent) and he asked Will if he could interview him on the show. So we all trundled off to the station at the appointed time for a nosey around and to listen to the show. Every other week the show has a cooking spot where a local chef comes in and shares some tips and recipes. This week, by special request from Will's dad, was prawn (or shrimp if you are in the US!) week. We all got to taste the dishes chef had prepared ~ the best by far were the shrimps cooked in a herb butter with a breadcrumb topping - delicious! Anyway I digress - so Will talked to chef, on air, about his award and what he thinks makes a good server! He did an excellent job, I thought (but then I am biased, I suppose!!)


  1. You have every right to be a proud Mummy:) Well done to Will, he obviously deserved it.

  2. Aww how fab is that! Well done Will from me :)

    I love the photos :) xxx

  3. Ah that's great stuff - proud Mum moment definitely!

  4. That's fab, great award & great timing that you were there. xx