Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WOYWW #209

Good morning from a lovely sunny corner of Cornwall.

I have a very quick 'What's on your workdesk Wednesday' for you this week as I have just done a 12 hour night shift and I am heading to bed for some much needed zzzzzzzzzzzs!

For a look at many other workdesks from all around the world check out Julia's blog here :)

On MY workdesk today is :-
A Birth Congratulation card for a friend who does not 'do' baby pink!!! and yes, she had a girl !
I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of pink but I hope it is not too much. I quite like the finished card even though it would probably be just as happy being a birthday or anniversary card!

At the top of my desk are a couple of white flowers I tried to colour to go with a recent layout but which turned out completely and utterly the WRONG colour so they have stayed on the desk and will continue to do so until I get round to re-spritzing them to match something else ~ maybe...

Happy WOYWW everyone and I hope your day is as sunny as mine.
Goodnight xx


  1. Sun just coming through now, was very cloudy to start with... gorgeous card, Karen. Helen 5

  2. I'm sure your friend will love the card , it looks lovely. Hope you get plenty of sleep after your 12 shift. Happy woyww jill #82

  3. beautiful card, sure your friend will love it :)

  4. What a beautiful card, Im sure your friend will love it. Love the heart with the "hole" in the middle and the twine - just lovely

  5. That is a pretty card how strange that your friend has just had a girl but doesn't do pink, oh well lots of other pretty colour out there
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #39

  6. What a lovely card. I don't think she will mind the pink, with her beautiful little girl in her arms =).
    Happy WOYWW xx

  7. Just the right amount of pink there for a non-pink person. Scrapping is brilliant isn't it? Why a childminder does a 12 hour night shift without being asleep herself is beyond me - LOL BJ#22

    1. Ah that's because I haven't got round to changing my profile BJ!! I now work as a carer in an EMI nursing home :D

  8. Beautiful card :) Hope you slpet well, love Jen xxx

  9. Love the contemporary card...makes a nice change from girly pink. Get some well earned sleep, used to hate night shifts!

  10. Ah yes, the flowers that move around the desk..I wonder if you will re-use or end up binning in frustration for a lack of use....I know what would happen here! I love the Congrats card, am perfectly sure that the appearance of a little pink will not be frowned at..after all, a baby girl just may turn her opinion!

  11. ah, Karen, lovely card your shift work sounds exhausting .. great desk and thanks for popping over happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #7

  12. Super looking card.
    Thanks for visiting
    Happy belated WoYwW
    Hugz Minxy #58

  13. Love that card - very non-cute and very minimal pink. My friend was having a baby and she would not look at pink - until the baby was born. Now it is pink pink pink all the way, Her little girl is now 5 and all she ever wants is something pink. Drives me nuts! LOL
    Hugs, Neet 17 xx - thanks for visiting me earlier - sorry I am late I have been working outdoors trying to enjoy this sun whilst we have it and could not see my screen so had to abandon comments.

  14. I too was wondering about child minding for 12 hours straight, lol! Glad you explained that. Pretty card, nice to see something non traditional to be honest. Hope you've caught up on your zzzzzz.

    Brenda 96

  15. Such a sweet card and lovely colours x

  16. Happy WOYWW!

    That is a fabulous and very different birth card, I love it!

    Symbolic bird cages perhaps.

    Cazzy x #147

  17. Cracking card! How popular it is with everyone too! You're on to a winner!