Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WOYWW #221

Good morning !

Well, it's morning here in Kansas (mid-afternoon at home in Cornwall!) A bit overcast this morning but a pleasant 74 degrees - that's 23 for those of you on the celsius scale :)

Can't believe it's Wednesday again already. Pop on over to Julia's blog here to find out more about What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and lots of links to other bloggers around the world :)

I haven't had time to set up a proper workdesk, having only arrived yesterday evening. But I brought a few essentials from home! D/S tape is sooo much cheaper in England (which was surprising) and as I have loads of scissors and a spare ruler and knife I thought I might leave a few things here - just in case IYKWIM ! lol

Oh ! and a selection of the chocolate I am required to bring from England. This is only about 1/3 of the original haul as a fair bit seems to have been consumed already !!!!!

And in the top left corner a Victoria's Secret catalogue - now this would be very worrying as I have 3 sons but I am assuming it belongs to DS2's girlfriend !! I shall be having a sneaky peek later :)

And I just thought I would share this view of the sunset from my hotel room at Heathrow on Monday night - it was lovely (although apparently not as lovely as the one they had in Cornwall - as one of my Facebook friends was quick to point out !!lol)

View from DS1's bedroom window - I snuck in after he left for work!!
Happy Wednesday everyone :)


  1. Have a lovely holiday Karen :) *jealous*
    Keep us posted. And enjoy your time with your boys (oh yes & your scrap shopping time too!) x

  2. Yay! Great to hear from you Karen. I can confirm sunsets and weather are fab here in Newquay!
    Sue x

  3. Hey it's 23 here in the UK today and going from cloudy to sunny spells so you sure aren't missing much weatherwise. Have a wonderful visit in the US from an American living in the UK.
    Hugs, Dorothy woyww #135

  4. Happy WOYWW Karen. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the chocolate

    Hugs Annie x ( your newest follower)

  5. Humph, I posted from my phone but it clearly hasn't worked:(

    Anyway, love that you have had to take loads of chocolate, we really do do the best here in the UK don't we?

    Have a great time with your boys and I hope you manage lots of stash shopping.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #85

  6. Have a fab trip. Good haul of chocolate, it's funny what you take for granted when living somewhere but can't get in other countries. Glad you planning to get some scrapping in jail your there. Enjoy a trip to Hobby Lobby, soooooo jealous!! xx

  7. Aww, lovely sunset and I am drooling at the choc haul :) Have a wonderful time and glad to hear you will have time for some scrapping :) xxxx

  8. Enjoy your trip!! I'm craving a candy bar now. LOL!

    Katie 127

  9. Enjoy your trip and Im sure it wont be long before all the choccie is consumed. Did have a bit of a *snort* moment at your boys and the catalogue. Sunset looks lovely

  10. I think you win the most attractive desk of the week - all that chocolate! Have a great stay - bet it's lovely to catch up with your baby!

  11. Have a fabulous trip! What a cool sunset and yummy chocolate! Thank you for visiting me xx #121

  12. That chocolate looks yummy. And the sunset is just beautiful.
    April #143

  13. Ah, thank Crunchie it's Friday, lol! Enjoy your stay in Kansas visiting your family, hope you have a lovely time. Very nice sunset at Heathrow too. I do Christmas year round actually so no need for you to panic yet!!

    Brenda 112

  14. I could cope with a desk covered in chocolate. Especially Crunchies :0) Hope you have a great time in Kansas.

  15. And the winner is......the Lady with the Chocolate Desk!!! Man I could drool at your Desk all day.

    Happy WOYWW
    Silvia #50