Monday, 30 May 2011

My misting disaster !!

That'll teach me.........

I had been reading Hannah's blog yesterday about her 'misting disaster' and thought to myself 'ha, I can do misting '..there's nothing to it, I already had several pages with sucessful misting so I decided to add some to a nearly complete layout that I had started at Scrap Angels last Saturday!!  BUT  WAIT - Oh No!!  ~ too bl**dy big-headed for my own good because disaster struck!!!.....

Not only did I make a complete hash of masking off the rik rak/cloud area ~ the first attempt was even worse than this!!! :(   when I tried to re-do it I wet the paper too much and it started to warp!!

Any way - thinking cap on - luckily I had a couple of clouds left so I bigged up my title a bit, added the clouds and .......Bob's your uncle!!! one better, but not good, finished page. It's been sat all night with my iron on top trying to flatten the paper so I think this is the best I'm going to get.

Lesson Learnt!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have had to learn that lesson too, it's not as easy as it looks. I love the whimsical look of the layout, I must have a go at this xx

  2. Yes, another one here owning up to your problem. I reckon the secret is very light misting but you tell that to the bottle lol!

    Fab page.

  3. yes same prob here too, but I am heavy handed with everything.

  4. The page turned out really well in the end - good for you not to have given up and put it in the bin!
    Sue x

  5. Depends on the paper? what were you spritzing? A thin paper will wrinkle up more than thicker weight and spritzing CS will be even better.

    Of course, I'm a paper snob, which is why I don't own too many thinner papers. ;)