Thursday, 21 March 2013

WOYWW 198 - A bit late !!

Wow these Wednesdays come round quickly!! Sorry I did not post yesterday - I took the lappie to work with the intention of dashing off a quick post...then I left the memory card in the camera and then left that at home - so no photo to blog about. My excuse is that my lift arrived early and said 'shall we stop at McD's on the way to work!?'  I couldn't deny her, could I ???

Desk is a bit of a mess as I worked Tuesday night then went to meet a friend for some scrappin' time at ScrapAngels at lunch time on Wednesday!

Anyway! ...On my desk today is a card I made for a dear friend whose husband had been in the nursing home where I work for about 5 years. He had Parkinson's disease and was very poorly. Sadly he passed away recently and his wife very generously gave all the staff a cheque.

So here is a Thank You card I made for her.

The idea for the card came from my UKS friend Susi, whose blog can be found here :)

There is also the start of a layout in the top LH corner

Sorry for the brief post but I hope you all have a great WOYWW xx 
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  1. Sorry to hear about your friends hubby. Sometimes we have to make sad cards, but the memories of them live on forever with us. Happy WOYWW for yesterday. Karen 140 x

  2. Not to worry about being late...I always seem to be late as well. Love your "thank you" card,,especially the swirlies! Thanks for sharing. dix---

  3. Never mind if you are late as long as you take part. Lovely card Francesca #107

  4. Just a gorgeous card Karen and for a great reason :) xxx

  5. Your card is very pretty and I'm sure the recipient will appreciate it. It's too bad when work interferes with WOYWW, isn't it? Hope you're having a good week with some more time to play. ~ Laura #115

  6. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your comment - interested that so often we have unknown connections of one kind or another.
    Your story about generosity and care is great, and the thank you card you created is lovely.
    Ros. #47

  7. Sorry to hear of the loss your dear friend has had. Your card is so very pretty and I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.
    How nice that she gave the staff a cheque!

  8. Oh the plans of mice and men...I had a day like that a few Mondays ago, everything I needed at work was at home...not good. Beautiful card.

  9. The card is lovely. April #138

  10. Super card, loads of lovely layers. Happy "late" WOYWW BJ#137 and thanks for visiting me.

  11. The card looks gorgeous, I have a few friends with parkinsons too
    Bridget #157

  12. i had to do a sympathy card this week too, not my fav ones to make.
    caroline #99