Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter and UKS March wk 4

A very happy Easter One and All
I found this pic on FB this morning - I can't believe someone tied all those eggs to a tree - a real labour of love if ever I saw one - so who ever took this pic - I hope you have a very Happy Easter :) xx

A very quick post today as I am on the hunt for a new-to-me car since my old jalopy has died a tragic death in a Haven holiday park car park on Friday!! :) The fuel pump has packed up which means it needs even more money spending on it and sadly it's just not worth it. It has served me very well for the last 10 years and I will miss it a lot.

At the moment I have this piece of gorgeousness outside my house. But it is only a hire car so it has to go back to Enterprise on Tuesday :(

I just want to show my page for UKS this week's challenge
Nick on his 8th birthday (he was 20 two weeks ago!!!)
He was so cute then :D
I have been putting off scrapping this photo because I didn't like all the clutter on the table and DS1's back view and the friend in the background!! but I needed a photo to go with primary colours (one of the challenge elements) and this one fitted the criteria.
So here it is - done!! :D
I am very 'into' banners and stars at the moment and I LOVE my washi tape. I also had a stash delivery on Thursday which included a lovely Amy Tangerine stamp set, so I managed to sneak in a bit of stamping too :)


  1. I saw that pic fab is it!!! Love your page all the bright colours and washi tape. Xx x

    1. yes, it was one you had linked Sarah !!

  2. All the clutter is real life though Karen. I have lots of pics of my children in the garden and there was always washing on the line!

    Fab page and a great memory.

  3. Wow look at all those eggs! Sorry the car is only temporary - it is rather nice. A fab fab page there, Karen.
    Sue x

  4. That egg tree is amazing, must have taken whoever did it ages.

    Fab, bright Lo, Your Lo's always have so much to look at. xx

  5. Thanks for sharing that tree Karen, it looks astonishing!

    Your layout is just wonderful, one of my faves of yours, and yes I should scrap the clutter ones, they are what they are and I didn't notice it in yours until you pointed it out, so just goes to show. xxx

  6. Love your LO - lots to look at as usual :D

    Sorry about the car :( Good luck on finding a 'new one to you' :) x

  7. Hope you find a new car soon, love the layout :)

  8. Sorry your car broke down - but you should be happy as a new one will soon arrive on your doorstep!
    Lovely LO!

  9. Great page:) My *baby* is 18 today :( time goes too fast!
    Hope you find a new car soon - sorry yours "died" :(

  10. Wow that's a GREAT pic with all those eggs! Wonderful page too with such fab colours. Fingers crossed for the new car.

  11. Gorgeous page & that tree is amazing, whoever did that has the patience of a saint!
    C xx